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only saliva.
no blood, no needles

Many people question the accuracy of a saliva swab because it isn’t invasive. However, you can have peace of mind knowing a mouth swab test is just as accurate as blood collection method!


74% of the DNA in saliva comes from white blood cells which are an excellent source of large amounts of high quality genomic DNA. Yielding virtually the same amount of DNA per volume and the same quality as blood.

DNA extraction from saliva can yield high quality DNA with little to no degradation that is suitable for a variety of DNA assays without needles and can even be acquired through the mail.



Order your test online and we will mail the DNA collection kit to you!



Do not eat, drink and smoke 30 minutes before spitting. Follow instructions in kit to spit in the tube provided. Mail it back to us.



Your result will be available within few short weeks after we receive your DNA sample

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