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How we can help you

With the most comprehensive DNA services, we believe that everyone can attain better preventive healthcare with Complete DNA

Young Couple Expecting

Family Planning

Find out if you and your partner carry inherited conditions that may be passed on to your unborn child.


If you or/and your partner are carrier for certain inherited conditions, we do provide genetic counselling and fertility services to reduce or eliminate the chance of your child being affected. 


Baby Sleeping

Disease Risk Study

Find out your risk for 100+ disease, including 25 cancer risks. 

Most of the population is at risk of one chronic disease in their lifetime. However, many of them may be preventable, through early detection, treatments and lifestyle interventions.

Complete DNA provides evidence-based personalized medical solutions to preserve your health and reduce diseases based on your DNA reports.

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Tailor your Parenting Style

We reveal the inherited and endowed inborn talents of your child from his/her genetic makeup. The test result will therefore help parents identify their children’s hidden talents.

Our test identifies 100+ disease risk and nutrition genetic factors like predisposed vitamin deficiencies, weight gain or weight loss with protein, gluten sensitivity, salt intake and blood pressure response etc.

By knowing your kid's report, parent will get an idea how to make early healthcare decisions and inculcate habits of eating to maintain their health levels. 

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Better and Healthier Life 

Eat smart

We help to achieve your body goals by understanding how to make your diet compatible with your genes.

Fitness goal

Customize your workout routine. Fine tune your exercise needs and optimize your full fitness potential by knowing your genetic strengths.

Know yourself better

Learn how your DNA influences your skin condition, stress levels, sleep patterns, well-being, etc. So that you can make the right choices, for you.

Exclusive Services

 A Promised Complete DNA Journey With Us.

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If you’re carrier for certain genetic conditions or struggling with infertility and need help getting pregnant, there are fertility treatments that can help increase your chances of having a healthy baby.




Genetic counseling informs how genetic conditions might affect your unborn child. The genetic counselor will collect your family health history and use this to determine how likely it is that your unborn child has a genetic condition. They can help you to calculate the risks and decide which fertility treatment to receive to help you conceive a healthy baby.

Scientist Pipetting

Genetic screening screens embryos for either a specific known genetic condition or chromosome abnormality, ultimately increasing the chances of pregnancy and reducing miscarriages.

Genetic screening


We hit “peak fertility” in our 20s and by the time we’re 35, our chances of getting pregnant naturally are less than 15% each month. We freeze a woman’s eggs so she can use those eggs to get pregnant later. Also, it is beneficial for women who are diagnosed with cancer and planned for chemotherapy which will reduce their ovarian egg reserve.


Person Cooking Healthy Meal

Work closely with a trained nutritionist to improve the food you eat. The aim is to enhance your bodily functions, alleviate symptoms of illness and improve your lifestyle through nutritional intervention based on your DNA reports.

Nutrition consultation

Workout At Gym

Personal trainer

Our personal trainers possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to design personalized and effective fitness programs according to your Fitness DNA results. They optimize your fitness routine to assist people in reaching personal health and fitness goals.

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