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The Wellness DNA Test consists of 117 different tests covering various aspects which including nutrition, food sensitivities, well-being, fitness, skin care, personality and physical traits. The results are presented as an individually tailored diet, fitness and lifestyle recommendation covering:


  • 20 Nutrient Needs reports
  • 9 Food Sensitivities reports
  • 12 Well-Being reports
  • 14 Fitness reports
  • 12 Skin Care reports
  • 14 Physical Traits reports
  • 36 Personality Traits reports


    With our actionable diet, fitness and skincare recommendations, you can now fine-tune your lifestyle to effectively achieve your body, skin and health goals.


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      118 reports across 7 lifestyle categories which including Nutrition, Food and Dietary Sensitivities, Skin Care, Fitness, Well-Being, Personality and Physical insights.



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